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Our blog series Building the Unconventional takes you behind the scenes of building a creative business from scratch.

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The Lounge is a blog where I write about anything and everything to do with the life and business(es) of a creative entrepreneur.

It is a place for creative thinkers who are always starting something new, and are serious about their side projects. And their cocktails.

You’ll find a wide range of topics here but there are two key themes they all have in common: they are Uncensored and Unconventional.

So if you are easily offended, you are in the wrong place.

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Community has always been vital to the success of everything we’ve done. Our goal is to be part of the conversation in order to empower, involve, engage and connect with a diverse audience of creative thinkers such as yourself.

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Cocktails + Conversations is a free monthly online book club for creative entrepreneurs and unconventional thinkers.

Launching August 1st, 2019.

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Stop playing by the rules.

Stop Playing By The Rules

By Jen Basford

The happiest and most successful people in the world weren’t the ones who followed the rules. They were the ones who challenged them.

Building the Unconventional: Serenity Now

Building the Unconventional: Serenity Now

By Jen Basford

Talking about websites can make almost any creative cringe. Thankfully, you guys have us. I mean Nancy. This is her area of expertise. I’ve got the Xanax.

Building the Unconventional: Fight Club

Building the Unconventional: Fight Club

By Jen Basford

We were ready to launch our community and empower a small group of leaders. What could go wrong? In a word, everything.

Building the Unconventional: You can't be all things to all people

Building the Unconventional: You Can’t Be All Things To All People

By Jen Basford

No one can successfully target everyone, or they will end up reaching no one.

Building A Business: First Things First

Building the Unconventional: First Things First

By Jen Basford

The hardest part about prioritizing when working with a partner or team is deciding what to do first. I recommend starting with cocktails.

Building A Creative Business

Building the Unconventional: The Cut

By Jen Basford

It was time to bring all of our projects together and ‘connect’ them under one roof. So how did we determine what made the cut?

"We're driven by the pursuit of new ideas.
We aren't looking to 'keep up with the trends' - our job is to invent the future and lead the way."

-   Jen Basford, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Mixologist