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Our blog series Building the Unconventional takes you behind the scenes of building a creative business from scratch.

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The Lounge is a blog where I write about anything and everything to do with the life and business(es) of a creative entrepreneur.

It is a place for creative thinkers who are always starting something new, and are serious about their side projects. And their cocktails.

You’ll find a wide range of topics here but there are two key themes they all have in common: they are Uncensored and Unconventional.

So if you are easily offended, you are in the wrong place.

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Hollywood Feed Donut Dog Bed

Day Nine: Outdoor Bed

By Jen Basford

We got Peace the Puppy an outdoor bed, because spoiled dogs need a bed for every environment. Which means, of course, it ended up indoors.

Starbucks Puppuccino

Day Eight: Puppuccino

By Jen Basford

What’s better than a puppuccino you ask? Your very own coffee mug for your puppuccino, of course.

BarkBox Subscription for Dogs

Day Seven: Bark Box

By Jen Basford

Nothing says spoiled pup like ‘wearable antlers.’ If you’re wondering whether or not to get your pup a subscription to BarkBox, wonder no more (hint: YES).

Fleece Hygge Dog Robe

Day Six: Fleece Robe

By Jen Basford

When the weather outside is frightful Peace the Puppy can wrap up in his soft fleece Hygge robe. We’re pretty sure he’s addicted to this Hygge trend BTW.

Shag Donut Cuddler Dog Bed

Day Five: Shag Bed

By Jen Basford

As our Chief Nap Officer, Peace the Puppy is always on the lookout for the perfect bed. And this time we’re pretty sure he’s found it.

Hygge Dog Scarf

Day Four: Hygge Scarf

By Jen Basford

Peace the Puppy wasn’t about to be left out of the Hygge craze, so we started him off with a cozy scarf.

"We're driven by the pursuit of new ideas.
We aren't looking to 'keep up with the trends' - our job is to invent the future and lead the way."

-   Jen Basford, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Mixologist