Decorating your home with photography

Decorating With Photography: Part One

When it comes to home decor your walls should tell a story.

Incorporating photography into your decor is that personal touch that turns a house into a home. It creates emotion by giving your space a personality and bringing it to life.

Scientific studies show that children who come from homes that display their photographs on the walls have higher confidence, greater self esteem, and a stronger sense of security.

I point this out to the Dashes quite often in order to make up for my lack of parenting skills in other areas. This was especially helpful when I lost Dash Two (both times) and forgot to pick up Dash One at school (more than once).

When Dash Three was kicked out of White Water Bay the summer she turned 4 (it’s a long story) I was grateful for the story I could see on the wall behind the nanny as she told me the story of what had happened at the water park. I decided I much preferred the look of mischief on Dash Three’s face in the portraits over the one of defiance she was giving me in person.

Right now we’re creating accent gallery walls in various rooms in our home, including the Dashes bedrooms.

Each Dash gets to pick out the color to paint the wall, and I get to create the main story of images that will hang on the wall. I want them to see themselves the way I see them, through my eyes, every day when they see these portraits.

These are the stories I’m creating for the Dashes:

Decorating with photography
Decorating with photography
Decorating with photography

Once the walls are painted and the portraits are hung, each girl will then get to decorate the rest of the wall however she chooses.

This allows them the freedom to tell the rest of their story however they want, on whatever medium they choose to express themselves. I love giving them control over the way they want their story told and then watching it come to life.

As the project gets underway I’ll share some images of the walls-in-progress, as well as the finished walls at the end.

I’ll also share some more posts on how we’re incorporating images into the rest of the rooms in the house as well.

Including this wall in the entryway featuring Peace the Puppy:

Decorating with photography
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