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Copy Tip #5: I’m Going To Get A Little Personal…

Don’t you just love it when you get a letter in the mail addressed to ‘[Your Name] or Current Resident?’

The astounding lack of personalization coupled with the metered mail stamp across the front always makes me want to rip open the letter and see what it has to say…

… said no one. Ever.

On the other hand, when my Apple Watch buzzes to notify me that I have a text or email from ‘My Lord’ I’m going to open it right away if possible and read it all the way through.

Side note: ‘My Lord’ is my cousin, Brandon. He somehow got his Siri to make my Siri change his name to ‘My Lord’ in my Contacts so that it would look like God was texting me directly and I would freak out momentarily. It worked. More than once.

So why is that?

Because no one cares in the least what some random company has to say. Current resident?!? Puh-lease… they can’t even get creative with their generic sales pitch…

But when something is written directly to you then you’ll hang on every word, all the way to the end.

“Talk to people about themselves, and they will listen to you for hours.” - Dale Carnegie

Your audience’s attention span is half what it was just ten years ago, and it’s only getting shorter.

So for them to pay attention to anything you write - an Instagram story, a Facebook post, a blog post, your About page, a marketing campaign, your email, a headline… (you get the picture) - they want to know what’s in it for them.

Like it or not, we’re all self-centered when it comes to our time.

Your audience wants to read copy that is relevant and interesting to them and they want to be entertained.

So when it comes to your copy, make it personal.

Write as if you’re talking to just one person, and put the reader inside the story so that they can ‘see’ things for themselves.

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