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Copy Tip #2: Oh Yeah? Prove It…

“That’s Necker Island off in the distance. We’re headed there next.”

I had just walked in the door at the studio with my coffee and tossed my umbrella on the floor, ignoring the puddle of water it had created, when that snap from Nick popped up on my phone.

I had told Nick that my friend Casey got to meet Richard Branson during a stop at Necker Island not too long ago, so I knew Nick was aware of how obsessed with him I was much I admired him. Richard Branson, that is. For the record I admire Casey, too, but that’s beside the point.

Necker Island Richard Branson

Nick had told me about his trip to the British Virgin Islands a few days ago. He and his wife were heading there with a small group of friends for a wedding; the plan was to sail around the islands for a week, and at some point the bride and groom would tie the knot at sea.

It definitely sounded fun, but Nick and I both travel quite a bit so I hadn’t paid much attention when he first told me about it. At the time it sounded like every other ‘great vacation’ he takes, and while I was happy for him I was more focused on deciding between coffee or more coffee for breakfast that day.

Nick had planned to take a break from social media while he was there, but we soon found ourselves snapping back and forth as he cruised around the islands. Each day he had a new story to share (some with pictures, some without), and before long I found myself feeling like I was right there with him.

I’ve seen hundreds (thousands?) of pictures from Nick’s travels over the years to all parts of the world. They are always beautiful, and I know he had a great time on each trip, but if I hadn’t already had a personal relationship with Nick there wouldn’t have been any reason to pay attention to the pictures he posted on his website and social media.

Because if he wasn’t one of my closest friends, why in the world would I care if he had a great time? Or if he thought the trip was ‘amazing?’ Or what his experience had been like?

Well guess what… this is exactly how your audience feels when they see the content on your website and social media.

They don’t want to know how you felt. Who cares?

Why would they believe you when you tell them how ‘amazing’ so-and-so’s experience was with you/your store/your brand? Most likely they assume that you would say that every client was ‘great’ or ‘fun’ or ‘amazing.’

So how the hell do you get their attention, and then keep their interest while convincing them of what you’re trying to say?

You have to prove it.

Your reader needs to feel as if they are standing right there with you so they can experience things for themselves, and then make their own decision on what it’s like.

Let them decide whether or not the experience is ‘great’ or ‘fun’ or ‘amazing’ (or whatever).

No one gives a damn if your client was beautiful, or if they had fun working with you, or if you loved what you made for them.

They want to know how it would make them feel.

When you’re creating content and writing copy for your website and social media, you need to use words that provide evidence your reader can use to make up their own mind.

Because without great content that draws your audience in and keeps them interested, you will never be able to sell them anything.

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The better we get to know each other, the more I can help you get there.

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