Building the Unconventional: Serenity Now

Building the Unconventional: Serenity Now

Every song I like is ruined once I make it my alarm ringtone.

As we’ve grown over the years from brand-new wide-eyed entrepreneurs (“We can drink wine with lunch?!”) to less-wide-eyed entrepreneurs (“Just tell the bartender I’ll have the usual”), we’ve seen a tremendous increase in frustration from creatives when it comes to their online presence.

Read: Bar tabs for creative entrepreneurs have risen dramatically over the past 10 years. Coincidence?

So what's the deal?

Talking about websites can make almost any creative person visibly cringe. Sort of like when you were at a frat party in college and someone suggested shots of Jägermeister. You just knew that was going to be drawn out and painful.

And while most people would say this is why Xanax was invented, the truth of the matter is that we completely understand how overwhelming it can be.

Thankfully you guys have us. Or should I say, you have Nancy. This is her area of expertise; I’ve got the Xanax.

Ok, keep going...

Whether you’re creating a new website or redesigning/updating an existing one, it can be paralyzing trying to figure out where to begin.

When we first started Seniors Ignite we were running other full-time businesses. It was just one of our side projects at the time; we didn’t have a plan for it and we hadn’t even sold anything yet. We just wanted to start a community.

So when we found ourselves almost 2 months behind on launching the Unconventional Creative, we didn’t let that keep us from getting started. Instead, we did what we’ve always done with Seniors Ignite and our other projects: we put up a single page with an email signup to start collecting names.

Launch Page Email Signup

Two Lies And A Truth

  • Daenerys Stormborn, First of Her Name, the Unburnt… is the last Targaryen.
  • Crocs are back in style.
  • You shouldn’t wait until your website is completely ready before you launch.

Still struggling? I’ll give you two hints: 1. **cough** JON SNOW **cough**, and 2. Crocs have never been in style.

The point is this - don’t wait until everything is perfect (or even complete) before launching your website or redesign. Plus, if you’re already running a business you can’t just shut it down while you finish your web project any more than you can while bingeing on Netflix.

All you absolutely need to launch is a single page with an email signup.

This gives you time to work on things behind-the-scenes without feeling overwhelmed. Unlike when your cheeky 3rd grader reminds you when dropping her off at school that she volunteered you to bring organic, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy free (taste free) cupcakes to the class party at 10am that morning.

Revolucion OKC margarita swirl

Then what did you do?

Swirls, baby. Frozen margarita and sangria deliciousness blended together in one glass. Because you always celebrate the milestones, big or small.

After that you jump right back in and start getting shit done. Or as we like to say, 'shit onion.'**

After The Lounge went live, we flipped the switch on the 'Free Stock' section. These are free stock images to use however the hell you like (professionally or personally), and you’re welcome to download, contribute, or simply appreciate as art in the background of your computer as you work.

The rest of the site is in various stages of creation as we continue to lay everything out. Keep a close watch as we toss things out there over the next few months to see what sticks.

Wireframes for the Unconventional Creative

Halp! That looks hard...

Don’t worry - we gotchu. We started be.mydo to help you (creatives) be master of your domain, and we’ll be rolling things out there soon that will knock your unconventional socks off.

Read: We’re simplifying everything you need for your website and E-Commerce presence so that they do what they’re supposed to for you.


Peace the Puppy's contribution

As you can probably imagine, Peace completely slacked off and didn’t contribute anything to the final results.

However, he has been receiving on-the-job training in his new security post. So far he has managed to scare away a pissy-looking blackbird that was pecking incessantly at the window. Which would have been admirable if he hadn’t followed it up by running and hiding from a cricket that managed to sneak in the front door.

Good thing he’s cute.

Excited for what’s coming up? Same.

In the meantime, we’d love if you’d share the Unconventional Creative with your friends (and frenemies because we believe in equality)!

* What's up with shit onion?

Several years ago we had a group chat going with our friend, Christine.

Note: We have more than one friend, but it looks strange without the comma there.

Both Christine and Nancy are heavily afflicted by iPhone’s ever-helpful auto-correct feature, and our group chat provided endless hours of comic relief because for the most part we never really knew what we were talking about (thanks, Apple).

One day as we were wrapping up some idle chit chat about climate change, Christine popped in with “Okay guys, I’ve got to go get shit done now.”

Apple, being the ever-thorough grammar police that they are, jumped right in to correct the error in her sentence. Which means it came across as “Okay guys, I’ve got to go get shit onion.”

Way to keep it 100 Apple. We’re off to get shit onion now.

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