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We're creative entrepreneurs just like you

We're here to help you see beyond the status quo, and to explore new possibilities through creativity, curiosity, and collaboration using the power of E-Commerce.

Jen Basford

Chief Mixologist
and voice of the Unconventional

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Nancy Nardi

Head Geek in Charge
and voice of be.mydo

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Peace the Puppy

Head of Security
Chief Nap Officer
usually sleeps on the job

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An Unconventional Manifesto

We are Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Storytellers. Makers.

We are future-oriented and driven by change. We are the Innovators of Tomorrow.

We believe in opening ourselves up to new experiences. We delight in the unconventional, and the unknown.

We believe that nothing is sacred. From our habits to our rituals to our environment, change is a natural part of our lives. And we prefer to embrace it.

We believe that life should be fun. Never stop dreaming and never stop trying.

We believe in the power of diversity. We believe in each other and you matter to us.

We are fanatical about pushing you outside your comfort zone. Instead of saying “Why?” we say “Why not?”

We believe in the joy of cocktails. And the power of community.

We believe that success comes from failure. To live a full and creative life you cannot have one without the other.

Feed your curiosity. Creativity comes from everyone, and each of us is capable of so much more than we know.

If you don’t like something, change it. This is your life, and rules were made to be broken...

Inside the Unconventional

The Lounge is Jen's blog where she writes about anything and everything to do with the life and business(es) of a creative entrepreneur.

You’ll find a wide range of topics here but there are two key themes they all have in common: they are Uncensored and Unconventional.

Cocktails + Conversations is our free monthly online book club for creative entrepreneurs and unconventional thinkers.

Each month we'll select a book to read along with a new cocktail to try. Then at the end of the month join us live online for creative and entertaining discussions during a virtual happy hour.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with driven entrepreneurs who have one thing in common - that they are not common - then you’ve found your home.

We'd like to invite you to join the Unconventional Creative Facebook Group and be part of the conversation to empower, involve, engage, and connect with a diverse audience of creative thinkers such as yourself.

We're just getting started...


Stronger together

We're constantly adding more pieces to the Unconventional Creative to help you find inspiration, generate new ideas, and connect with other creatives to collaborate on new adventures.

We're also working on new ways to help you test out new concepts for your main gig or your side hustle.

As a community we are stronger together, so we'd love it if you'd share the Unconventional with your friends (and your frenemies - we believe in equality!).

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