10 Days of Gifts for Spoiled Dogs

The struggle is real…

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year it likely involves gift-giving. And we know how stressful it can be to pick out the perfect gift for the ‘one who has everything’ on your list.

We’re talking, of course, about the dog. (For everyone else there are gift cards).

Gift Ideas for your Dog for Christmas

Like any good human, we put Peace the Puppy first around here. His food is prepared fresh from organic ingredients and delivered right to our door. He has his very own custom pouf from West Elm that he refuses to share.

So when it comes to deciding on the perfect gift for your spoiled fur baby, “We feel your pain.”

This year we put Peace to work testing some of our favorite finds to see just which gifts would make the cut. He was less than thrilled with the ‘work’ part of the idea, but since it involved lots of extra treats he finally caved.

Check back each day to see each of Peace's gift recommendations, and be sure to follow us on Instagram as well. We'd love to hear what you think he should test next!

P.S. The stylish winter hat was a no-go. We haven’t told Peace it came with matching leg warmers yet.

Day One

Lucy's Magic Bus

We would never want to risk injury to Peace the Puppy by allowing him to chase after actual cars, so we got him his very own retro bus to play with indoors.

Day Two

Merry Lane Striped Pajamas

Nothing says 'festive' like a brand new pair of holiday pajamas. This year we thought we'd bring Peace the Puppy in on the tradition.

Day Three

Pup-mas Treats

You can't go wrong with treats when it comes to spoiling your pup. And what better place to get them from your closest dog bakery?


Hygge Scarf

Peace the Puppy wasn't about to be left out of the Hygge craze, so we started him off with a cozy scarf.

Day Five

Shag Bed

As our Chief Nap Officer, Peace the Puppy is always on the lookout for the perfect bed. And this time we're pretty sure he's found it.

Day Six

Fleece Robe

When the weather outside is frightful Peace the Puppy can wrap up in his soft fleece Hygge robe. We're pretty sure he's addicted to this Hygge trend BTW.

Day Seven

Bark Box

Nothing says spoiled pup like 'wearable antlers.' If you're wondering whether or not to get your pup a subscription to BarkBox, wonder no more (hint: YES).

Day Eight


What's better than a puppuccino you ask? Your very own coffee mug for your puppuccino, of course.

Day Nine

Outdoor Bed

We got Peace the Puppy an outdoor bed, because spoiled dogs need a bed for every environment. Which means, of course, it ended up indoors.

Day Ten

All The Things

Who are we kidding... Peace the Puppy gets anything he wants. Even if it belongs to someone else.

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