Merry Lane Striped Dog Pajamas

Day Two: Merry Lane Striped Pajamas

Merry Lane Striped Dog Pajamas

Merry Lane Striped Dog Pajamas

Nothing screams 'festive' like a brand new pair of holiday pajamas. So we thought it was finally time to bring Peace the Puppy in on the fun.

Just so we're clear - by 'fun' we're referring entirely to our fun. We're pretty sure Peace was simply tolerating our whims in order to score some more fresh puppy bacon for his efforts.

Either way, these adorable Merry Lane Striped Pet Pajamas from Target's Wondershop were a perfect fit, and Peace eventually gave up and settled down for his third afternoon nap so we're calling that a win.

Peace the Puppy's recommendation: Perfect for naptime.

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