BarkBox Subscription for Dogs

Day Seven: Bark Box

BarkBox Subscription for Dogs


If Peace the Puppy weren't already the world's most pampered dog, this definitely put him in the running.

If you haven't already ordered your pampered pup a subscription to BarkBox then drop what you're doing and order one right now. Go ahead - we'll wait.

Peace the Puppy's first BarkBox arrived this week, and the minute he realized what was inside he followed me around like a murderous stalker from a Halloween horror film. Which is pretty much his normal routine, but he was definitely whining more.

Everything about this gift was an 11 on a scale of 1-10, including the branding. These pup-loving guys and gals really know how to make each and every pup (and their human) feel super special, and their customer service has been top notch from the moment we hit 'subscribe.'

Don't have a box for your pup yet? Fear not - we're going to be giving away a subscription very soon on our Instagram account, so be sure to follow us for your chance to be the hero your dog thinks you are.

Peace the Puppy's recommendation: ORDER TWO

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