Lucy's Magic Bus

Day One: Lucy’s Magic Bus

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Lucy's Magic Bus

We would never want to risk injury to Peace the highly spoiled Puppy by allowing him to chase after actual cars, so we did the next best thing - we got him his very own retro bus to play with indoors.

Oh who are we kidding, chasing after cars means being outdoors and exerting a lot of energy - two things that Peace the Puppy avoids whenever possible. He works hard to maintain his 'highly pampered' status around here.

Peace is a classic 'de-fluffer,' which means his number one goal when it comes to toys is to remove every last bit of fluff from inside and chew it up like taffy. So when we saw that BarkShop makes double-stuffed plush toys specifically for de-fluffers (and for every other way dogs like to play), we knew we had to test it out.

Peace the Puppy's recommendation: Two paws up.

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