Starbucks Puppuccino

Day Eight: Puppuccino

Starbucks Puppuccino

Coffee Puppuccino

Like any good pup Peace the Puppy thinks that all drive-thru windows have a surprise on the other side just for him. This is due in large part to his love of Starbucks (and vice versa).

It doesn't matter if we swing through our regular morning Starbucks, a random one 15 minutes away, or one in the middle of nowhere Indiana on our way to Chicago - Peace the Puppy can tell the second you pull into the parking lot and will promptly begin cry-whining while trying to see out the window from my lap. This is especially fun when there is a long line at the drive thru, as Peace thinks I'm the one who is making him wait.

I'm not quite certain what it is about whipped cream that dogs love so much, but it seems equivalent to crack cocaine for canines. So on days where for some reason or other we don't make it to Starbucks in the morning, we still give him a 'homemade' puppuccino at work.

Which of course led to the obvious - we should get Peace his very own West Elm coffee mug in which to enjoy his morning coffee puppuccino.

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