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The Lounge

This is where I write about anything and everything to do with the life and business(es) of a creative entrepreneur. If you are easily offended, you are in the wrong place.

The Lounge is a blog that breaks the rules, and challenges the status quo. It is for creative thinkers who are always starting something new, and are serious about their side projects.

Things I probably won’t write about: religion, reality TV shows, or anything to do with gardening (unless you want to know what not to do).

Things I might write about: my co-dependent dog, Peace the Puppy (who is no longer a puppy). Oh, and chickens.

You’ll find a wide range of topics in The Lounge, but there are two key themes they all have in common: they are Uncensored and Unconventional.

Oh, and they all go better with cocktails.

"We're driven by the pursuit of new ideas.
We aren't looking to 'keep up with the trends' - our job is to invent the future and lead the way."

-   Jen Basford, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Mixologist

Outside the Lines


Unconventional Stock

Download free, high resolution images for creatives. Copy them, modify them, or distribute them for either personal or commercial use. No attribution or permission needed.


Unconventional Stories

See the faces of creative entrepreneurs who are constantly pursuing new interests and new ideas. We'll share their stories of triumph and defeat, along with what they feel is crucial for success.


Unconventional Concepts

Do you ever wonder if your idea has legs? We're building a space for you to explore new possibilities through creativity, curiosity, and collaboration, and to test out your concepts and projects before going 'all in.'


Community has always been vital to the success of everything we’ve done. So we’re starting the conversation early in order to empower, involve, engage and connect with a diverse audience of creative thinkers such as yourself.

If you’re looking to surround yourself with driven entrepreneurs who have one thing in common - that they are not common - then you’ve found your home.

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